Cut Out The Noise

Everywhere you look today people have opinions. We have more opinions floating around than ever before. Everyone has a voice and so they feel they need to fill the emptiness with something. So they start to tell everyone what they think.

I’m not complaining, I use my own voice to share my own thoughts and opinions.

But i’ve learned that the majority out there are not worth listening to.

I’ve always told my clients and members that you must learn to cut out the noise in your trading. All these opinions on what the market is going to do are just that…opinion. Have you ever noticed how conflicting it all is? One person tells you Gold is a great investment right now. Others telling you don’t go near it.

Everyone, even amateur traders who have just joined the scene feel they need to have an opinion on economic outlooks.

It happens throughout everyday life too. Your mate down the pub will happily give you his opinion on politics or some prediction on the election. Pundits are paid to predict the outcome of sports games before they are played. So called “experts” who are being paid a living to tell us what they ‘think’ is going to happen.

If they actually had the power to do it with any accuracy they wouldn’t be working as TV pundits. They’d be the richest people on the planet.

Fact is, humans crave stories. We always have done since our cave man days. It’s the way our brains are hardwired. Stories help us make sense of the world around us. When we don’t understand something we want to know the story behind it. Stories makes us feel better about the chaos we do not understand. A story about the stock you are investing in can reassure you. But if you looked, you’d find another story saying just the opposite. But of course, we only look for evidence that confirm our already held beliefs. Only scientists look for evidence that goes against their beliefs, as it’s the only way they know to prove their theories are correct.

So many traders crave these opinions and lap up these stories told to them by the these experts because we are wired to find meaning in the chaos. And the media knows this obviously. This is what they specialise in. It’s simple neuroscience. Bloomberg know that the world wants an explanation. They know everyone is trying to predict and failing consistently, and they know traders desperately want to find an edge. So they feed them opinions. Stories. Explanations on “why”. And we lap it up as golden information that will apparently help our trading results. Only it never does with any consistency. And yet we go back for more, every time. Because an explanation in a world of chaos is comforting. It’s why so many people once loved the idea of going to heaven. Death is uncertain, it’s scary. If someone tells you “it’s all part of gods plan and it’s lovely after you die” you will be compelled to want to believe it because it’s comforting.

But these stories are absolute rubbish. These opinions being shared about the markets are the same. It’s comforting to think that amongst the chaos there’s someone out there who knows whats going to happen next. But in reality they know as much as you. They just do it with more confidence.

Best thing you can do as a trader is to learn to cut out the noise. No one knows whats going to happen tomorrow. These experts are the palm readers of today’s trading world. They don’t know. No one does. Their opinion is as valuable as your own. Neither of you know.

My advice is to stop listening to everyone else’s expert opinion. Cut out the noise they are all making. Leave that stuff to the schmucks who think they need it, and just focus on trading your own system under the acceptance that the stockmarket cannot be predicted with any consistency.

Instead, consider focusing on trading a strategy that makes a profit regardless of what the stockmarket does this week. Making the need to try and predict price moves completely obsolete.


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