Trading the Trend Podcast – EP013 – Trading for a Living

This week I had an email from someone who wanted some advice after handing in their notice and planning to take up trading as a living. Today’s episode covers the psychological biases produced when you rely on your trading income to pay the bills, and why needing that money may ultimately cause you to fail as a trader. We also discuss what else you can do if you find yourself yearning for giving up the 9-5 and becoming a full time trader.

The Trading the Trend podcast was created by active trader Chris Chillingworth to share insight, ideas, tips and experience on how to improve as a trend following trader. Self described as a british bearded trend follower who likes rock music, wine and formula one racing.

Trend Following is a strategy that does not make predictions on the stockmarket, but instead looks at reacting to what the price of a market is actually doing. There is no attempt to be right, on the contrary, Trend Followers expect to be wrong most of the time. They focus on killing losses quickly and letting winners run to ensure profitability.

Trend following does not utilise fundamental data to form opinions on what the markets are about to do. It is all about finding a system that works and focusing your energies on executing it accurately.

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